Five years ago, on this day we cut the traditional ribbon and officially opened our modern headquarters in ‘Tirana e Re’, in the center of Albania’s capital, on the original grounds of the Ivanaj brothers, Martin and Mirash, who spent their lives in the service of the mother country since the 1930’s!

It took over two decades to realize this dream, but their well-remembered and respected legacy now continues. It is preserved by the Ivanaj Foundations to “advance education and knowledge for the future of Albanian young generations”, setting an example for others to follow up on past intangible gifts of values, ethics, history, and hopefully guide their future.

The past five years of our operations have seen a few thousand people of all ages and backgrounds enjoy gatherings, events, presentations, trainings of a variety of types within the walls of our premises, as well as complex projects in collaborations with entities beyond our immediate borders, and charitable involvements in the countryside during crisis situations.

Our reach is expanding, our plans continue to evolve, and our future potential continues to be positive. Thanks to all our Friends, Collaborators, Volunteers, and Donors of all kinds, on both sides of the Atlantic!  We are grateful for your trust in our mission and look forward to you for continue support in the accomplishments of our goals! Our ‘donate’ page is just a click away.