In addition to the Ivanaj Foundations’ presence online already for many years, we are thrilled to announce the preview of the launching of an additional, newly designed, website, for our business subsidiary “MMFI Albania Sh.P.K.”. It is  a seamless portal offering an exclusive glimpse into the most modern and sought-after venues in the heart of Tirana of our facilities that are designed to accommodate a variety of events. Whether hosting a small webinar or a large reception, our clients always find a space that suits their needs on our floor and professionalism in our arrangements.

With this new website we wish to provide our current and prospective clients more detailed and useful information about our accommodations because, as per our Foundations’ goals, we believe in communication’s transparency and effective conveyance in providing services. Our website is packed with detailed descriptions of our venues, services, blogs, and store, and thus, hopefully, more helpful in making choices and decisions with ease.

More testimonials from our current clients with highlights of the projects already successfully completed will soon be appended to this site; meantime, we invite our readers to dive deeper into what we offer and discover more by visiting this new site at

Your comments, suggestions, or questions are always sought and welcome at any time.

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to welcoming more of you in our premises.