Different from every day’s routine by being in the same place, seeing the same people, teaching staff, streets, neighborhoods, yards, a ‘fresh’ offer, the theme of which was labelled "Smart Cities”, suddenly came about for training in Banja Luka! The idea of knowing another place, new people, different cultures, different games, and different lessons attracted me to accept this opportunity.

I'll start my story from the day of travel, which was tiring to reach destination, but incredibly worth it. Clean air, warm hospitality, invigorating nature, delicious food, and comfortable accommodation awaited there. Starting the day early and with full energy sets the tone for the rest of the day. A sun that illuminated not only the sky but also the warmth of the people. Listening to others when they talked about their place, what it represents, the traditions, the culture, the work they do, was soothing. Banja Luka was an interesting place, involving an atmosphere that engaged people physically and mentally, as well as generally acquainting and presenting each other and our cultures, but more about their area. The museum was a blend of antiquity and history, but at its core were the cultures and the beauty. The way they spoke about the creation of their place and the traces left and preserved was admirable. Free time was easily filled because there was so much to visit, to see, to talk about, to exchange cultures and different knowledge. The workshops were a beautiful part, not too elaborate, attractive, inclusive, and full of what they represented. The day was supposed to end with the darkness of the night, but for the group I was part of, it was entirely different because music, games, and limitless laughter were not lacking. At this event, we had the opportunity to meet and create very good friendships with young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. The feeling of leaving that place leaves memories and the hope of returning, to live even more with the friends and the society that was created.

The organizers “Alliance of Students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Banja Luka” did a fantastic job in organizing this event. I am very grateful for the above opportunity that was given to me by EESTEC LC Tirana and M&M Ivanaj Foundation Institute as part of Volunteers Group.

Thank you!
Fabia Kukaj