Where We Are

The M & M Ivanaj Foundation Institut offers a wide variety of functional areas and spaces which can be utilized for various events and activities.

Our Facilities

We occupy the first floor of the “Rezidenca Ivanaj” complex in Rr. Perlat Rexhepi, with a private entrance at ground level, facing the complex’s garden, and also, via private elevator, from the underground level of garages.

In addition to comfortable Office operational areas for Staff that include a full size kitchen facility and lounge, our floor has an assortment of spaces that include:

Floor plan

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  • Salla Ivanaj”: a large conference hall  with a sitting capacity of 150 people, equipped with large podium and 2 full size projectors and screens .
  • 2  “Training Rooms” : each with a capacity of 15 seats and 4 adjustable tables each, separated by swinging sectional doors that can be opened or closed to accommodate a diversity of needs.
  • A 60 m2 “Library” with shelving units containing various collections of books, documents, reference materials, etc. with tables and chairs to accommodate from 20 to 30 people and a desktop computer for public use .
  • A (12 seats) Conference room with teleconferencing capability.
  • The completion of furnishing a still unused 43m2 area, which will be adapted as an ‘Activity Room’ for a variety of needs, is still underway and should be completed by the summer of 2019.
  • The Executive Office is a comfortable area with furniture that allows also settings to greet few visitors and/or small work groups.
  • 2 medium size, fully furnished Offices for short-term/temporary use by special project operators and/or collaborators of the Ivanaj Foundations.




AIR ConditionING

Security cameras




In addition to Wi-Fi, available throughout our entire floor, we also own a movable ‘smartboard’ equipment facility, which can be used throughout our premises, as needed.  It allows access to Internet that can be combined with training materials and other projections ongoing during events.  

Our entire floor is equipped with sensors for optimal climatic conditions for all seasons, security and fire prevention equipment, UPS and generator intervention for uninterrupted operations during electrical blackouts.  

Above it all, we are located right in the center of Albania’s capital and best part of Tirana!

Our facilities and space, setup for the Ivanaj Foundations’ purposes and use, can be shared, when available, also by third parties for a fee, or contribution that needs to be negotiated for each occasion. In this case, contact us via email at : [email protected]

Salla Ivanaj

Training Room


Conference Room

Cultural Center Opening Event

On October 10th, 2017 – The M. & M. Ivanaj Foundation Institute in Albania, in coordination with The Martin and Mirash Ivanaj Foundation in New York, announced the official public opening of their unique Cultural and Educational Center as per their mission and goal in “Advancing Culture and Education for the benefit of Albanian Youth”.