Since our new premises have officially opened in the capital city of Tirana on October 10, 2017, we have received many requests of collaborations, mostly related to, and interested in using our well setup spaces, some of which are displayed here.​

However, our concept of collaboration involves a wider range of perceptions that include closer connections to develop work plans with others, individuals, organizations, or businesses with whom we can share ethics and objectives to accomplish projects of value for our intended audiences.  In some cases, these collaborations result in onetime events, while in others the merger of efforts and scope even becomes a long-term relationship furthering both sides.

In less than a year from the official opening of our new premises we dealt with a variety of collaborative activities and affairs that have benefitted, in a diversity of fields, persons of all ages, ranging from youngsters, to students, to business people, artists, researchers and seniors.       

One of our first collaborative enterprise is the Albanian Local Committee of EESTEC, the Electrical Engineers Students’ European Association, with whom we have a legally established cooperation and we continue to share with it educational trainings and events of all sorts.

Anyone else wanting to join us with educational and cultural cooperative projects, or new initiatives of this type, can contact and provide us with written proposals for evaluation, via email at: [email protected].

Some of our collaborative examples:

  • Unique Junior Enterprise: StartUp Live Tirana
  • EESTEC LC Tirana: various trainings and conferences
  • Studio D: Info Sessions for Agricultural Projects
  • US Embassy: Youth Council sessions
  • Eno Barjami: Creative Management Training
  • ANYN: Albanian National Youth Network sessions
  • Zeri i Integrimit:” 5 Tullat e Integrimit te Shqiperise” sesione ndergjegjesimi
  • Sfida Biznesi: Web/Marketing Training Sessions