We are strong believers in voluntarism because this type of contribution provides concrete benefits on both sides: of the receiver, as much as of the giver.

The “Volunteers’ Hub” of our Ivanaj Foundation Institut in Tirana already consists of a force of 100 young individuals, ranging in age from 16 to 32 years, as well as a dozen of seniors, functioning in an organized and transparent fashion.

Our young volunteers are mostly students that, in addition to learning new skills or sharpen the ones they already have, can also, by donating their time, benefit to complete 18 hours of volunteer service, which is a requirement in a lot of high schools in Albania.

Our program reaches out also to the elderly and professionals who have much experience to share and many other important roles to fill that are limitless.

Several are the type of individuals that can become part of this plan, particularly in Albania, where, there is a good supply of both young and senior people that could participate by being organized and trained to serve in various capacities. Toward this end, our Institute is planning programs that will favor this coupling of resources, thus making know-how and energy merge into a positive powerful help force.      

Finally, other NGOs, government institutions and public agencies could also greatly benefit since they may lack the funds or the capacity to hire people to do the things they should already be doing, and volunteers can help them overcome many obstacles.

Join us in this effort because V stands for Volunteer, but can also stand for:













(a quote from a US children’s’ museum in Atlanta Georgia)

Volunteer's Form

  • Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Ivanaj Foundation. We are looking for volunteers that can work on-the field and/or in the office. In order to best match your skills and interests to the needs of the Foundation, we have created this application form which you can complete, and we will contact you in case we need you help with our projects.