At the forefront of preserving Albania's cultural history, our precious and valuable Honorary Board member, Mrs. Pertefe Leka, plays a pivotal role in exploring and analyzing Albanian archival documents that significantly enrich the understanding of our country's rich past.

During Mrs. Leka's scholarly work, her in-depth research about the philosopher and cultural icon, Branko Merxhani, has not only enriched our Foundation's collection, but it has inspired many to delve deeper into Albania's scholarly history. Part of her contribution regarding this intellectual was even included and highlighted in a very recent Top Channel program dedicated to Merxhani, which can be viewed here. This feature underscores Mrs. Leka's role in bringing Merxhani's ideas and influence to a broader audience, connecting Albania's historical narratives with contemporary discussions.

Mrs. Leka's work exemplifies the importance of academic research in understanding and preserving a nation's identity, of fostering a deeper appreciation of our national heritage, and ensuring that the legacy of influential figures like Branko Merxhani continues to inspire and educate not only Albanians internally, but also beyond borders.