Our volunteer group have been undergoing continuous free trainings throughout the summer and is keeping on this rhythm with steady pace.

Last Saturday afternoon, we hosted a transatlantic zoom for the group, powered by one of our volunteers, based in the US, a new addition that we are lucky to have on board.

Klea, our volunteer & speaker for the occasion, lives in Philadelphia and is a college student majoring in biochemistry at the University of Pennsylvania. She has a lot of experience in volunteering and assisting students/youth get into rigorous colleges and achieve academic excellence.

She shared her experience and gave practical tips on how to write a Resume and talked about the dos and don’ts during a Job Interview. The audience attending were college students, just entering the job market and the session was acclaimed as extremely useful and beneficial for their current needs.

For anyone interested in offering their expertise and volunteer for our joint educational mission, please visit our website in this link.

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