The Ivanaj Foundations publishing sector that initiated its work since the late ’90s are glad to have dedicated to and shared with the Albanian culture and history several important documents over the years.

Our last book, the one century old Dr. Martin Ivanaj’s thesis, was published last year in three different languages, including Albanian and English to its original text in Italian. This book is available in electronic version on our website, as well as in printed copies at our premises.

This month, we had the pleasure of establishing a new form of cooperation with the National Library of Kosovo in Pristina by donating a few copies of this last publication to it.

Our Foundations’ long-time friend, Mrs. Ida Kostaj was in Pristina this June to officially present our donation to the Head of the Enrichment Department, Mr. Arben Gashi. Our contribution, now part of the resources of the National Library of Kosovo, was greatly appreciated, and we are equally grateful for having had the possibility of becoming a contributor to the top library institution in Kosovo.  

Our work towards expanding the Albanian cultural heritage will continue across borders and offer more opportunities to Albanian authors in the country and abroad. You, our friends, and network followers, can do something about this too by supporting more causes like this one through your donations.  Thanks for your attention!