Throughout the month of April and the beautiful reawakening of spring, we usually celebrate several birthdays within our internal membership network.

This year we have one more reason for a special celebration because one of our most long-term Board members, Mrs. Pertefe Leka, now part of our Honorary Board, is not only observing a decade birthday but she was just awarded the “Mother of the year 2022” prize from the Albanian-American community in the USA.

Pertefe has been with us since before the establishment of our Foundation in Tirana in 1996. Her outstanding contribution to Albania’s literature, cultural and educational systems has been part of our history since its beginning. Delighted about this joyful news, we are honored to have her amongst our most loyal allies!

Pertefe, we are proud to have you as part of our Honorary Board, we value your contribution during these last 25+ years and hope to have you as a part of us for many more years to come. We renew our wishes of a happy birthday and extend congratulations on the above important and well-deserved recognition of your involvement in the Albanian community! Urime!