You have not heard from us for the past month or so?  We are still very much around and will be for a long road ahead! While time flies relentlessly and the whole world is on the move for one reason or other, so are we, and we intend to continue keeping in touch with you.  

Notwithstanding shorter work schedules due to staff vacation turn arounds, and several other problematics beyond our control, most widely covered in online news and social platforms, our activities have not stopped, and our plans are in full development gear!

We are expanding our educational, cultural, and business plans, while developing new programs and projects, refurbishing some physical facilities at our Headquarters in Tirana, re-organizing our internal operational endeavors and our huge databases, and addressing new interactions that may even go beyond borders.  

We hope that all of you, our faithful readers, have recently enjoyed some relaxing time and are maintaining good health, as we invite you to stay tuned into our future blog broadcasts.

We want to renew our thanks to all our loyal friends that have and continue to support our efforts and work, financially and otherwise, on both sides of the Atlantic and ask you not to forget that our ‘donate’ page is always available with just a click!