Community service, which is also part of volunteering experiences that brings a sense of accomplishments to whoever gets involved in it, brought together four members of our VOLIF team with a special idea. They all share the same compassion for kids and are socially aware of their needs.

The community program coordinators and supervisors of the above center contacted by our Foundation gave the opportunity to our volunteers to practice their skills, as well as support and suggestions on how to conduct the meetings with their targeted vulnerable group.

This weekly program that will benefit and educate kids and teenagers of the center in topics such as personal hygiene, healthy eating habits, good manners, basic social etiquette, healthy living and more specific medical advice, was named “Bridging the gap” and will continue until the end of this year.

The subjects to promote teamwork, imagination, and development of motor skills in kids and young teens will be explicated with games and interactive activities.

Elderly people at the same center will benefit as well. Health education will empower the members within this community to improve their health status. Open discussions about different wellbeing subjects like prophylactic health behaviors (PHB) and some of the most common health problems of the elderly like heart diseases, diabetes, respiratory diseases, will be presented as part of the experience.

Our VOLIF team conducting this program has an educational background in the concerns being addressed and thus will be able to create a safe learning environment to motivate the youth and the seniors of this center in improving and maintaining their (physical & mental) health.

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