Experiments encourage children to do something, observe and ask questions by engaging their multiple senses with hands-on science activities. That is exactly what our group of volunteers did in order to explain ‘germs and viruses’ to the kids at the social center “Gonxhe Bojaxhi” during our scheduled session of last week.   

Science experiments promote discovery and learning, as well as enhancing critical thinking skills, thus, the activities were planned to promote the development of a scientific rational. By illustrating the topic with a demonstration, the kids were able to memorize the facts, and understand the world around them. The second part of the session was dedicated to exploit the world of Origami.

This ancient Japanese art of paper folding boosts mindfulness and it has been proven to develop in children perception skills and hand-eye coordination. It also helps improve concentration in children with attention deficit disorders and it is used in various therapeutic settings. It offers a calming and relaxing effect by following a modest step-by-step process, thus developing a simple problem-solving attitude in children.

Our vibrant group of volunteers will continue to provide to the youngsters at this center numerous activities like this, offering a diversified program each time, until the end of this year.

Next week we are also going to meet the seniors that frequent this center, and is it already foreseen that the results will be obviously beneficial to both the elderly as well as the young organizers of this program.

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