While we slowly approach the end of the year and the Foundation in Tirana continues to be immersed in the implementation of many projects, we look back to see what some of our struggles during this year have been.

After our board meeting which we hold twice a year, in April 2021, we submitted to the Court of Tirana a Board decision for a specific change to be confirmed in the official legal records of our organization, as per normal procedure in cases such as this. Since then, 8 months have gone by and many attempts to receive information by our office in Tirana have been vain.

Despite what the newly approved law no. 80/2021 states, there is no dedicated structure to provide NGOs information or direction within the Court system in Tirana. Each time there is a need for it, since no phone, email or online portal are provided, the only way to obtain it is to go personally to the Court. And so we have done repetitively! The response has been either no answer or that our request could be eventually reviewed, and this happens month after month.  Yet, we wait…

Despite all the difficulties, struggles, walls we hit on the way, the Foundation in Tirana will endure. Our mission is clear, and we will pursue it, no matter what the challenges are.

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