I came across Ivanaj Foundation randomly while searching the internet. After a quick visit in their website I didn’t think twice to apply for being part of their Volunteer Hub, not only because I fully believe in the vision and mission of the Foundation but also due to the fact that as a fresh graduate in Political Science and International Relations I feel the moral and professional responsibility to give my contribution to society.

The first contact that I had with the staff of the Foundation was through an online interview where I was informed of being accepted in the Volunteer Hub at the Ivanaj Foundation. Despite the difficult situation caused by Covid-19 I was surprised by how active this group was in the development and implementation of different activities and initiatives. During a visit at the Foundation premises in Tirana I was amused by the modern infrastructure, vision, staff and history of the Foundation and Ivanaj Family. This made me realize the importance, seriousness and need that Albania has in order to keep alive the history, tradition and heritage among generations of people that have given a great contribution in different areas such as: education, employment and diplomatic relations. 

The first program I was engaged in, is “R.I.N.I. series”, dedicated exclusively to the volunteers of the Foundation. This series of meetings is offered online. Part of the program are various topics such as: adaptation during COVID-19, leadership, volunteering, etc. Discussions and exchanges of experiences between young people and professionals in various fields, in Albania and abroad, are an integral part of this program.

Another unexpected event for me was the employment opportunity offered by the Ivanaj Foundation in a project financed by Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO). This project is entitled: “The Peace Path” and is implemented in a regional level between Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia with the aim to actively engage youth, share experiences and increase awareness toward environmental issues.

For almost three months now I have become part of a community that not only has supported my professional preparedness but has also created new opportunities for growth and development. I am so happy that I got to know the Ivanaj Foundation and I call to all my peers who are searching for new opportunities to join. I am convinced that Albania has a many prepared young people with the will and desire to learn and improve the country.

Last but not least, I am profoundly grateful and thankful to the Ivanaj Foundation Executive Director and staff for the opportunity and continuous support given to the Albanian volunteers and all Albanian young people.

Are you ready to join the big family of Ivanaj Foundation? Apply at our official website: https://ivanaj-foundations.org/