If you are a subscriber to the website of the Ivanaj Foundations of New York and Tirana and a follower of the variety of our activities and projects, you may recall that for the past few years now we have conducted a Toy Drive for the yearend holidays.

In our goal of making some needy children smile and enjoy some small gifts and goodies we have always addressed a different group of children every year.  Last year, for instance, we visited and distributed our donations to children hospitalized in the wards of Tirana’s Pediatric Hospital.

This year’s aim is not very different, and we have already assessed the needs of children in daring need of help. They belong to families that are still living in tents in areas outside of city dwellings, which are also in our current care for charitable purposes supported by other grantors of ours, to alleviate their life that now is also affected by Covid-19.  

The open doors to our offices that in the past allowed the display of a colorful box in our lobby, where  passing people also had the chance to drop toys, clothes, and books, are now, unfortunately, closed. But this does not stop us from pursuing the same objective of previous years, and now is the time to start acting upon it.   

 We have assembled a target of 40 children (boys and girls ranging in age from 1 to 16 years old) belonging to 31 families, and our plan are already laid out about what to buy (from our helpful vendors), when to pack and wrap the gifts (with the valuable help of our volunteers), and when the deliveries will occur (thanks to our staff personal distribution).

Will you please join us in this endeavour that has a total budget of $2,000.-? Your contribution in any amount is very much appreciated by November 30th. It can be accomplished in more than one way: via Facebook or through the various alternatives in our web ‘Donate’ page.

Thank you!