​One of the projects we have long been working on has become reality. The Ivanaj Foundation in New York and Tirana made possible the beginning of what will be a routine for our followers: the series of meetings entitled "R.I.N.I". “Rini” not only means youth, but is also an acronym where, in Albanian, “r” means (risk) risk, (e re) new, (risi) innovation, (rini) youth; "I" stands for (imagjinatë) imagination, (ide) idea, (idealizim) idealization, "n" means (novacion) novation, (natyrë) nature, (nisje) start; and “I” stands for (nteresant) interesting, (impuls) impulse, (iluzion) illusion, (idenitet) identity.

Albanians from the diaspora, experts in various fields with long experience, who from several decades live in the US and Canada, brought to Albanian youth presentations under the main the main topic " 2020 Crisis - from the Opportunities and Hope perspective". As required by the "new normal", the meeting took place using an online platform. Albanian experts in the diaspora addressed various perspectives, such as leadership, adjustment of life in the internet era, global economy and finance, knowledge and learning as a lifelong process, as well as the pharmaceutical sector perspective.

The young participants had the opportunity to ask questions directly to the speakers and get answers. Our speakers’ life and professional experience is long. This caused the curiosity of young people to be even higher. The questions ranged from sharing personal experiences, to their expertise, to "life coaching". Our experts were happy to share their knowledge and experience to the young audience. From both sides, there was an interest to get to know each other better.

After a fruitful meeting, both groups welcomed the idea of repeating such events. In the future, the opportunity of participating will be given to a wider audience. This is also thanks to the involvement of our newly formed group of Albanians experts from the diaspora that are firmly collaborating pro-bono for the cultural and educational goals of the Ivanaj Foundations of New York and Tirana, which we shall present to you in a very near future.  

Therefore, we invite you to continue to stay tuned into our online posts and to follow us by participating in our upcoming online events.