Social distancing does not stop our charitable actions

//Social distancing does not stop our charitable actions

Social distancing does not stop our charitable actions

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M&M Ivanaj Foundations of New York and Tirana help towards vulnerable groups continues even during the COVID-19 crisis.

In addition to the loss of homes from the November 2019 earthquake, many families are suffering from isolation and lack of income caused by coronavirus pandemic.

Our Foundations have a long history of charitable actions, starting years ago, from the contribution given during the armed conflicts in the region, to assistance for children during the end-of-year holidays, to social mobilization of the elderly, etc. And for several months now, at the Ivanaj Foundation Institut in Tirana, we have also undertaken initiatives to help families affected by last year's earthquake.

During field visits outside of the capital and in remote areas, it is difficult not to notice the despair in the eyes of these families’ members who have been living in tents for about 7 months now. In those circumstances, the expression "Wash your hands!" turns into a mission.

Thus, thanks also to the pledging of financial contributions from some overseas friends we plunged into action.

To start off, a special and speedy plan was assembled by our team behind closed doors, initially, working from home, due to very strict lockdown government rules. The result of what we named a “care package deal” came to fruition this past Friday, when we physically reached with our supplies 20 families in dreadful needs.  More details and pictures are available here and a video ​has been posted on YouTube as well, which you can see below or click here.

Other more involved planning and coverage are in the works, and we shall post about them in due time. Therefore, we invite you to follow us and contribute to our efforts when you can. Lots can be done not only for charitable purposes, but to enhance the education and culture of Albanian people withing their own country.      

This project was made possible by the combined financial contributions raised by Albanian American Women in Washington DC, through the Valbin's Center for International Programs (CIP), and from the M&M Ivanaj Foundations of New York & Tirana, and the Ivanaj Foundation's volunteers in Tirana.

We also thank the staff and volunteers of M & M Ivanaj Foundation Institut in Tirana for their dedication and the great work done!

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