Preservation of the old ‘glory and pride’.

//Preservation of the old ‘glory and pride’.

Preservation of the old ‘glory and pride’.

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After a span of eight decades, the long journey of the Ivanaj Family flag has come to an end!

This large (3 ½ meters wide) emblem, made of beautiful Albanian wool, waved in the wind for the first time in 1937 on the balcony of the Ivanajs’ residence, built in the area of Albania’s capital, still known as ‘Tirana e Re’.  It was carefully preserved by Mrs. Giuseppina Ivanaj and daughter Drita throughout the years and their relocations in life, as recounted in this article by Pertefe Leka.

Its reappearance in the gentle breezes of Tirana occurred only on June 5th, 2009 when it was briefly displayed again on the same balcony of the Ivanaj property, re-obtained after almost two decades of surmounting incredible and chaotic juridical, political entanglements and procedures in the new democratic Albania.

Since then, it continued to be safely stored waiting for a ‘new dawn’ in the Ivanaj Foundations’ plans, which is now a reality, and thus, the Ivanaj Family Flag has finally found its right place on the first floor of the newly built “Rezidença Ivanaj” in Tirana!

It was a labor of love and cooperation to encase it in a big, framed, black background, covered by 6mm thick tempered glass, which covers one entire wall of the largest area of the Foundations’ premises, which is going to be known as “Salla Ivanaj”.  Here it will remain permanently displayed with other historical mementos in memory of the Ivanajs whose dedication to their Fatherland’s culture and education will continue through the Foundations in their name.