‘Festa e Abetares’ from generation to generation (a celebration of ABC-book)

//‘Festa e Abetares’ from generation to generation (a celebration of ABC-book)

‘Festa e Abetares’ from generation to generation (a celebration of ABC-book)

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By Entela Bodinaku
Executive Assistant to the CEO

It is a great tradition which may have started, as I am told by Violeta Mita, a retired Albanian language teacher and part of my family, in the sixties. It is surprising that, notwithstanding the transformation Albania has gone through in the political, economic, social and cultural fields, notwithstanding a total change of curricular program from elementary schools to universities, notwithstanding the Albanian people’s love to change and become like all Europe and a part of it, first in lifestyle and then politically included within its borders, the celebration of ABC-book has not changed at all.

Such persistence is to be commended. Entire generations of first grade teachers, have taken it upon themselves to continue such beautiful and unique tradition. Not all traditions are to be replaced with new ways of doing things.

Today I was filled with joy again, since 1983 when I celebrated my own ABC-book, because I attended my son’s ceremony. In no way I can draw a parallel between now and then.

Today’s children are “born” smarter, they are more intelligent and technologically “programmed” to understand everything faster than the older generations. We used to sing our songs accompanied by our music professor who played the accordion beautifully, while today everything is computerized. I am happy all these positive things are taking place in Albania. However, being nostalgic, I teared up a little bit while listening to my own son and his friends recite the same poem written by the great Albanian poet Naim Frashëri that I and all other generations have recited through the years.

Gjuha jonë, sa e mirë,

Sa e ëmbël, sa e gjerë,

Sa e lehtë, sa e lirë,

Sa e bukur, sa e vlerë.


My attempt at translating it:

Our mother tongue is so good,

So sweet, so generous,

So light, so free,

So beautiful, so precious.


Festa e abetares 2017.png

These children’s renditions are dedicated to our beautiful language and our country. It is a patriotic show full of love for their teacher, their country and the ABC-book, which introduces them to an entire world of reading. And why not, in today’s world a little patriotism is needed to preserve our values and beliefs and the love for our country.