work is ongoing inside our Foundations’ premises in Tirana e Re throughout this summer for our Fall official opening, but there is no need to set a time frame to be a benefactor.

This is the perfect moment to jump on board our train of plans that would like to see other Albanian and American Friends and Families contributing funds for the completion of our unique facilities to meet local Albanian needs.

Our just installed Library wall unit will be filled out with books (in 3 languages), documents, training materials, and references of all sorts….








The marble ‘Honor Wall’, facing our visitors at our main entrance, is ready now to have additional special contributors’ names inscribed on it……








Don’t wait for year end holidays to make a contribution, large or small, especially if you are making a donation through our New York organization, which is fully tax deductible.

While enjoying your summer vacations think that, through our programs and projects (that you shall hear about in more detail soon), you will make someone else happy to participate in what we plan to offer for their future and throughout any season.  We can tell you right now that our action plans, for which there is already great anticipation, are going to have a positive cultural and educational impact on a variety of individuals and institutions that have no opportunities or very limited resources, through our programs across age levels and seasons, since we will operate all year around.

Donate, donate,  … and be a contributor for a brighter future of Albania and its young population that deserves it!