As per previous post, the Ivanaj Foundation Institute in Tirana has performed a supporting role during the past few months in the initiative of Ms. Emira Selimi to create the first Albanian library in the city of Manastir (currently known as Bitola), where the historic “Congress of Manastir” was held in 1908.

The organization of this assistance for the collection of a large volume of published materials was undertaken and given particular attention by our Foundation and its Staff. It was conducted by involving our collaborators, well-known friends and others who knew about this initiative and in total support of such a patriotic idea which fitted beautifully with our mission.

We have helped in a variety of ways that included also attempts and logistics of online fundraising for the eventual reconstruction of the library in Manastir, while we have served as a place in Tirana for the collection of the books within Albania.

The young Albanians living in Manastir must preserve and never forget the Albanian language. Toward this projects’ goal we have made room in our storage facility for thousands of books, and we are delighted about the results, which are now available for transfer to destination. 

The mission of the M&M Ivanaj Foundations in Tirana and New York has been and will always be the promotion of education and knowledge among young people within the territory of Albania and beyond, and we will always be supporters of such worthy and special initiatives.

Now that our role in supporting this project is coming to an end, we want to express our gratitude to all who helped in this effort and encourage further successes of this type by inviting all who wish to donate in any way one can by simply clicking a payment choice in our "Donate" website page. Every contribution you make counts towards fulfilling our objectives and goals.