I am sharing this latest article appearing in today’s online news about the status of Albania’s youth with our friends and supporters of our cause for more than one reason.

Our own institution’s mission and goals were created purposely to benefit Albanian youth and we have been actively occupied toward this end in a variety of activities, to take place precisely where they are needed, in loco. That is why we have struggled to build in the capital of Albania the physical facilities to implement projects that can, and will attract, involve, coordinate, and collaborate with all willing to educate Albanian youth in getting a positive outlook about their future within their own country.

Since our official opening less than a year ago, we have already hosted, shared, and supported within our premises important activities also in coordination with organizations mentioned such as here in our website. We have others already in the works for the rest of this year and throughout 2019!

One of them, by the way, is our current, in development project that, additionally, will also serve another marginalized sector of Albania’s society: Seniors. It is named STC (Senior Technology Club) for which we are now raising funds via FB, and our website. Its end goal is twofold: combine seniors’ expertise with youth’s creativity and energy.  Join us, dear friends, by donating toward this effort!