The fundraising experience for our STC project

//The fundraising experience for our STC project

The fundraising experience for our STC project

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Our first undertaking in fundraising via Facebook (currently ongoing) for one of our new special projects, named  “Senior Technology Club” to be implemented in Albania starting next month, has brought to light some interesting results and some surprises.

We are grateful to all who have contributed so far, but we still have another 2 ½ weeks to reach the  total amount needed toward the sought outcome. Soon after Labor Day I plan to personally deliver to our offices in Tirana the proceeds designated for this project, which will run for a few months, and may expand its reach even further, later on, throughout 2019.

In our premises in Tirana we have comfortable space, modernly furnished, with excellent climate and  lighting conditions, and available wi-fi connection throughout our entire floor. For this project, however, we need technical equipment in addition to our own, such as some laptops, and cell phones, plus transport facility for our targeted participants, and some added expertise to conduct specific tasks in support of our staff and team of volunteers. By the way, they are all rearing to go ahead with this endeavor, convinced that it will produce remarkable unforeseen results.

While this fundraiser is done directly online, we have had all along, through our website, the possibility of donating toward our efforts in more than one way. One of them (Network for Good), happens to be the same now also used by FB to disburse collected funds via their site. It was a conduit of generosity toward us especially by some of our long term and loyal donors, who have not been, and are not active on, or users of, social media in general. Others have also contributed in the past by sending their checks to us via snail mail. In gratitude, we feel fortunate and privileged to have been able to depend on them all along albeit their donations not shown publicly, because true friends do not seek exposure, but silently give from their heart. We hope that they’ll continue to do even this year, but we wish to point out, however, that the timing and need is now, rather than at year-end when contributions are usually made for the holidays.

The details and goal of the STC project we are developing are available here, and, once this project is implemented, further updates will be forthcoming through this blog of ours.

We feel confident that the bottom line result is going to gratify two generations: the Seniors who can enliven in more than one way their lives in retirement, by learning some technology and enjoying a variety of connections, while sharing their know-how with the Young, who may be fretting to leave the country to develop their creative ideas, which instead can be accomplished at home with help, support, and advice from senior mentors that will form the STC hub we are now creating.

Advanced thanks for helping us making this project a reality for the first time in the country of Albania!