Our recent FB fundraiser appeal for the Senior Technology Club project has run out of time today, but donations toward this end, and any other programs we may develop as we proceed in our mission, are always available through our website facilities.

As indicated earlier, we have indeed received some contributions for this endeavor also via GuideStar and Network for Good, especially from people that are not on, or could not do so via Facebook, where, by the way, we were also praised about the whole idea of this program.  Although the resulted amount of $4,000.- does not cover the planned total budget of this project, we renew our thanks to the current contributors and wish to inform all our followers that we are already in the process of implementing this program locally in Tirana, and we will pursue in the future further avenues of funding the balance for it.

This week we had a pre-session and enrollment meeting with an initial group of seniors, getting to know each other and determining where they are in the use of technology. Some of them already have a smart phone or laptop at home, while others prefer to read books and have no knowledge of these facilities.  They braved the summer heat and came to our comfortable premises. This first get together turned out to be an interesting and fruitful event for all involved!

Seniors’ technology training can give older adults, especially the ones with limited mobility, access to people and places that may not be within physical reach. Older adults can benefit from innovative tools that help manage physical and mental fitness, safety and security, combat isolation and loneliness, and communicate with friends and loved ones, but the idea of learning about these programs could be daunting.  Seniors may assume that acquiring knowledge about the use of technology can be frustrating and stressful, but with the help of our STC trainers and volunteers, they may be surprised to find that the learning curve can be easy and fun.

We hope to achieve our goal to make it simple for them to smoothly use the technology that may suit their needs.

Our progress will be posted, as usual, through our website blog and the other social media we use, thus, keep tuning in!