A rare ‘full option’ environment is ready for a brighter future!

//A rare ‘full option’ environment is ready for a brighter future!

A rare ‘full option’ environment is ready for a brighter future!

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my name is Klevis and I am an Electrical Engineer.  Since 3 months ago I am having the honor of working as the Facilities/Logistic Superintendent for the M &M Ivanaj Foundation Institut in Tirana. This is a simple writing, without too many technical terms, to update you, however, about the technical setup of our facilities, which are ready to be used by anyone that is going to work and collaborate with us, and attend our planned activities or events.

We offer all the comfort and security for all our future events that will be published in a near future. Our spaces, with all the supporting technological systems will be like a rocket launched to discover talented youth in business,  and to support culture and  education in Albania. Of course, we will also provide activities for all ages giving to our society safe and qualitative conditions. The devices that have been installed are really innovative and the ones that serve the Foundation’s needs in its mission.

Each staff member is working every day using personal computers to develop future plans. The PCs have very good parameters, processing at high speed and a lot of storage to be filled.   In the 3 zones of the air circulation system, 25 air conditioning units are available, even now when their working isn’t requested very often, since we are enjoying good weather. The entire air conditioning system can be managed by a central controller, or by each remote unit.

Sensors are mounted all over the place for different types of systems. The staff has its own personal access cards to open door controllers in an easy way. The ingress control system will also prevent the entrance of people who are not connected with the Foundation or its purposes. When everyone leaves the premises at the end of the day, the anti theft system is activated so when any small movement is detected, the alarm will ring notifying everyone around and automatically calling the security company.  In addition to the safety system, our fire system is also very sensitive to smoke and fire. Fire sensors are installed in every room, so that if someone tries to smoke even with windows open, the fire alarm will be activated. Throughout the floor we have cameras recording every movement, which can serve as a proof to the police should any violence occur inside or outside our premises.

There are plugins and lights everywhere connected with our UPS system, which can sustain some of our equipment up to 5 hours even when there is no energy from the network.

Our use of Led lights all over the floor saves a lot of energy, and additional Led strips mounted inside our exhibition wall units will enhance the displays placed inside them. Last, but not least, is our audio system that can be used to transmit audio messages from the reception area throughout the floor, or even to hear some good music during work times.  Good parameters of our systems’ voltage and amperage  mean that the power supplying all our facilities are in very good conditions.

I hope not to have bored you with all these technicalities, but they are the backbone of all our operations, and I am proud of being able to take good care of them.

Stay tuned for other writings and activities!