No news…….is good news…..

//No news…….is good news…..

No news…….is good news…..

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… or so it goes the saying! In our case this is a true statement.

Recently we have not posted any special update in our blog, but, although we publicly remained silent, our internal actions are feverishly continuing on a daily basis to set up our facilities.

Our plans to create a special Cultural Center in Albania’s capital is a project of significant proportions for a budding single Institution like ours that has challenged not only our expertise in accomplishing this dream, but the ability and capacity of our sub-contractors whom we wanted to favor locally.  Meeting our demands in an organized and timely manner, such as we are used to based on our American background knowledge of decades of successful projects, is a daunting experience for them, and it requires extra demanding flexibility and time on our part to manage the results.

Progress continues to be made notwithstanding, and we feel confident that the final outcome will be reached by the fall of this year, albeit a bit later than originally planned.

Behind the scene, our own small, newly hired, young and energetic crew keeps busy with all sorts of activities and provides the thread and support that our organization now needs to become fully operational as we proceed.  You shall hear about them in the near future; meantime, here are a few additional pictures of our internal furnishings.

Some local friends and a couple of others from abroad that have followed our plans all along, recently  dropped by to get a peek at our new premises and their reaction was one of amazement for our premise’s spaciousness and planned details.