Any time is good ….to be charitable!

//Any time is good ….to be charitable!

Any time is good ….to be charitable!

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As another year’s end approaches, charitable institutions are using all sorts of media to press for more funds, and many new ways to solicit donations are being thought of, and are taking on a variety of special naming conventions, such as ‘Giving Tuesday’, or even the ominous ‘Black Friday Sales’ in the case of Holiday deals from vendors.  There is no need for bizarre naming or conventional dates to make donations to the causes one cares about, but contributions in the States are thought more of at year’s end, not only due to tradition, but because they offer also tax benefits for the donors.

With this message of ours we wish to thank our loyal friends, who have so thoughtfully already contributed this year, and encourage anyone else who would like to, to do so as soon as possible to take advantage of the tax break.

We offer many ways to receive donations: online by just clicking on your preferred choice in the ‘Donate’ section of our website, or by check issued to ‘The Martin and Mirash Ivanaj Foundation’ (to be mailed to Cherokee Sta-PO Box 20661- New York, NY 10021-0073), or even via online purchases at AmazonSmile by choosing our Foundation as a preferred charitable organization. Please keep in mind, however, that for your gift to be a valid deduction in the 2016 tax returns, the funds must be deposited in the Foundation’s account before December 31st (otherwise it can be used as a deduction for next year).   It’s not the date of your check, or of our official acknowledgment, that determines the validity of the gift, but the actual cashing of it.

The funds we gather in the States are authorized by the IRS to be used also for our sister organization’s projects in Albania, and will help in the setting up of the various facilities needed in the new premises that are being constructed in Tirana.  The official opening of the Ivanaj Cultural Center in this capital is now planned for the spring of 2017 (date to be announced in the New Year), and will be followed by a variety of programs that need these premises to be functional.

Keep tuned in into our news by freely subscribing to our website as we enter the new year; meantime, to all our friends and loyal supporters everywhere we extend best wishes for a GREAT HOLIDAY SEASON and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!