Critical supporting systems

//Critical supporting systems

Critical supporting systems

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Behind this door (on a mezzanine floor underneath our Foundations’ complex) there is still activity to finalize and test the systems that will support our Foundations’ premises. Wiring networks, UPS backup, hvac, electrical, security, fire alarm systems ………are just some of the items that will be managed by our newly hired Facilities/Logistics Supervisor.















Our private elevator will allow easy access to handicapped people from the underground garage to the ground level entrance and to our complete set of offices on the first floor.






The spacious indoor kitchen and lounge facilities for our employees will be furnished soon, but there is also plenty of room outdoors in our garden equipped with benches, which are recessed from the main thoroughfares surrounding the entire building, and thus provide a corner of tranquility and respite for all tenants.













Tirana is blessed with great Mediterranean sunshine and mild temperatures, and, most of all with practically NO wind most of the time!  As we write, we are enjoying 52F, while we hear NYC is blanketed by snow!  This city is showing its real beauty at night, when the air is crisp, the nights skies are usually very clear with shining stars and a moon that is low on the horizon that it feels like it could be touched….For the upcoming Holidays the city boulevards and all parks, as well as all major buildings are filled with colorful lights, decorations and displays of all sorts.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!