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Latest additions

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The building’s lobby that will be managed by a ‘concierge’ is almost complete and it now displays the actual name of this new construction on the land purchased by the Ivanaj Family 80 years ago.


The original garden that surrounded then, the Ivanaj Villa was planned in 1936 by the well known Italian Sgaravatti firm and included a vegetable garden and fruits trees in the back lot.

Piano Sgaravatti - 1936


Today’s garden is much smaller, but it embodies the unity of this compound in a variety of colors that could represent the Italian flag.  This week it has received its center piece an ‘olive’ tree encircled by red benches (that were even tested for heavy weights, I am told by the architects!).














Let’s hope that it will be enjoyed for years to come by this complex’s occupants and the visitors of the Cultural Center in the Ivanaj Foundations’ Headquarters, accessible from the underground garage level via a private elevator, or ground level via a separate entrance located right in front of the garden.

The official opening of the Foundations’ floor is planned for the spring of 2017, with more specifics in the new year.