An unexpected help

//An unexpected help

An unexpected help

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Life is full of surprises, some good and some bad, but, somehow, in both cases, the help of loyal friends, in whatever form, is always a blessing and is welcomed.

Just a couple of days ago, we received an invitation from Amazon to register online our organization’s input data since we could be the recipients of donations for purchases made through them, and disbursed to legitimate non-profit institutions like ours, by the Amazon Foundation. The shopping, accomplished through AmazonSmile,  is the same Amazon that everyone uses for all sorts of purchases, but which allows the customer to just click on its preferred charity to prompt  a donation consisting of 0.5% of the purchase price, with no fees or charges accessed to either the donor or the donee.

As we looked into this matter and followed instructions to register, we were pleasantly surprised to find that our organization was in the Amazon’s data base.  Someone (obviously, at least one of our friends in the know-how and meaning well!) has apparently pointed out its preference to add cash contributions to us, while shopping at AmazonSmile.

Every little bit helps small organizations like ours, but, while we are grateful for the thoughtfulness of our friends, and welcome their support, we wish to clarify that,  by accepting this method of income, we are in no way soliciting their shopping through Amazon or marketing this company’s products or sales.  Additionally, these contributions remain anonymous and, thus, we cannot provide official acknowledgments for them. We always and gladly issue our (certified for IRS purposes) receipts to all our donors when they send their checks directly to us, or make themselves known when they use our other avenues of income (for which, however, we pay a fee).

While we thank you all for your attention to the above, we wish to renew here our particular thanks to all our loyal and dedicated friends that continue to provide us with their constant and altruistic support!