We are on top!

//We are on top!

We are on top!

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On schedule, the top of our new construction has been reached! The entire configuration is up and masonry work for the interior areas is now ongoing.

top finished
Although being careful to avoid some scattered leftover remnants, it is gratifying to be able to walk the cemented floors, observe the solid configuration of their structure, and visualize the actual space of this new building.



Walls and brick partitions are now mushrooming on every floor and exciting new future units are being carved out, according to plans.

Our entire first floor destined to be the center of operations of the Ivanaj Foundations requires very specific, special, and different planning from the rest of the building, due to its very nature and purpose. Thus, we continue to be hard at work in studying alternatives and making decisions for our special needs that must be addressed in the next phases of development for electrical and water supplies, hvac and technological services, and, lastly, special interior equipment and furnishings.

20140512_123436 Onward we go!