A cozy corner

//A cozy corner

A cozy corner

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tirmapAs indicated previously in our blog, the future headquarters of the Ivanaj Foundations will occupy an entire floor of the structure currently under construction, which, by design, is an L-shaped building, sitting at the intersection of two main streets in Tirana e Re (New Tirana).

This city zone, so referred to since the early 1930’s since it was the newest part of town, maintains this name even today, when it has actually become the city’s center, because this capital continues to extend its borders all the way around, more and more toward the surrounding hills, with areas taking different names, such as Farka, Sauk, etc.


Since then its population has grown from 30,000 to 800,000 and up, and its structural profile is as varied as it can be, from still functioning, but old 2 stories homes, to brand new high raisers of 20 floors or more.


In our floor’s partitioning, we have reserved a corner (actually the angle of the L-shape of the building that oversees the two intersecting streets) to house the Foundations’ Library. We intend this to be a calm niche with appropriate furniture and light fixtures for comfortable reading time by its visitors.  Should anyone  that will use the library wishing to meet other people to discuss items of common interest or to further investigate issues online, they will be able to just move to one of the adjoining training rooms where they’ll find more suitable facilities for conversations and wi-fi connections. Thus, the Library will remain a pleasantly quiet environment for the ones that wish it to enjoy it so.


As it was originally described in other pages of our website, our library already has at its disposal a wide-ranging supply of books, documents, training materials, both in print format and other media. They are currently in storage, but will be reorganized in the new quarters when ready.  In the future we expect our current collections to grow in number because we already have additional input waiting to be shipped from the U.S. to Albania, but, we take this opportunity to invite anyone else to donate educational and/or cultural materials if they wish to do so.  They will be accepted in the name of individuals, families, or organizations as they may well be, and will be catalogued as such.

An item of interest that relates to the Library is that we have also planned a small area where special ‘Archival Collections’ can be securely preserved, while being available for special research, when needed.   Meanwhile, all throughout our premises memorabilia of the Ivanaj family will be appropriately displayed in glass casings, and may include any other valuable or historical mementos that can be donated to our Foundations for this purpose.