Since September 2023, the M&M Ivanaj Foundation Institut and MMFI Albania Sh.p.k., in collaboration with the Public VET Center No. 1 in Tirana, have conducted a series of training sessions and roundtable discussions aimed at fostering entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainable development among Albanian public VET providers, students and local businesses.

These events were part of the INNOVET initiative in the framework of ProSEED 2.0 and EU4Innovation, whereby individuals and VET educators benefited from various innovation events, such as: motivational speeches, life coaching, exchange with businesses, internship programmes, etc.

First Training Series

The first training, 2 days, focused on Sustainable Development, was conducted by Prof. Reis Mulita where 42 VET educators and 2 students took place.

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Second & Third Training Series

The second and third trainings focused also on 1) Innovation and 2) Entrepreneurship and were conducted by Prof. Eneriko Ceko where 42 VET educators and 2 students took place during the initial two training days and then 41 VET educators and 2 students for the other two training days. Beyond theory, participants were also engaged with different exercises and interactive activities to further strengthen the concepts that were shared during these trainings.

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First Roundtable

At the end of October, a roundtable was held with the topic: Efficient cooperation between businesses and VET Nr.1 in Tirana, to help further qualify and engage youth in local businesses. The event was organized by VET Nr. 1 with the support of the M&M Ivanaj Foundation Institut, which was attended by 17 local businesses and partners.

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Second Roundtable 

The second roundtable discussion was with VET students on 'Web Development & Design' where three experts: Prof. Eneriko Ceko, Elvis Plaku, and Geiv Tomço; presented and discussed these topics:

1) Web Development; 2) Data Analysis; 3) App Development and; 4) Cyber Security 

Third Roundtable

This roundtable was conducted on the topic of ‘hairdressing and aesthetics’ and was attended by 15 VET students and teachers. The table was lead by Mrs. Marjana Kroj, a successful entrepreneur in the aesthetics field.

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Through these interventions we aim at empowering VET trainees with a vision for Albania's future! While, equipping them with cutting-edge methodologies from modern innovation ecosystems, for a brighter future for Albania through enhanced employment opportunities and a thriving micro-industry.