The onset of the new academic year in the fall signifies a fresh start especially for the Ivanaj Foundation’s VOLIF group.  Following the conclusion of the summer break, as it happens also in other educational institutions, our premises are vibrantly refreshed by the presence of young individuals who are either enduring volunteers or newcomers seeking to engage in our Foundation's initiatives. As previously emphasized, by utilizing their skills, enthusiasm, and commitment to create a positive impact on the local community, volunteers add great support to the backbone of any organization.

We are delighted to again welcome additional new volunteers this year, particularly after hosting an informative session a few weeks ago at one of Tirana’s private educational institutions. The session attracted so many students who displayed a thirst for knowledge, information, and the usual curiosity that characterizes youth.

Our recent internal meeting with a revitalized attendance took on a slightly different format this year. While we re-introduced our mission, values, ongoing projects, and a greater variety of roles available to the new participants, we also emphasized the responsibility, discipline, and voluntary nature that their commitment entails.  From our part, as done all along, we will continue to impart to our VOLIF members relevant training, and continuous support in the performance of the respective roles of their choice.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all individuals who participated in this meeting and invite those that have not yet done so, but wish to officially join our ranks, to complete the application form provided here.