Watching the news lately has become increasingly upsetting.

Between pandemic and war, dealing with self-isolation, disease and worrying thoughts about world peace, it is a lot to take in for the younger generation. Even though it always finds a way to resilience and to react, having a space were to gather, meet and exchange feelings is a necessity.

People who are turning to volunteering to assist others and communities are experiencing a boost in their mental health, helping to ease feelings of anxiety and uncertainty.

While pursuing our foundation’s goal and principles, our volunteer group has been active in helping the Albanian community through every natural calamity, pandemic, and social distress during these past four years.

Building social connections and new leadership skills helps young people to eclipse overwhelming feelings and brings a sense of control in a stressful situation — a happy side effect of lending a hand to someone in need or doing something that the entire community can benefit from.

Since we started the hub, we’ve counted on our database more than 150 enrollments, an impressive number of young enthusiasts that throughout the years found themselves a happy spot where to grow and flourish together.

New expertise to join our team is always welcome, and if you’re looking for a fun and easy way to enhance connections, develop new knowledge while establishing a sense of identity, our VOLIF hub is the place to be. Make a positive change in your life and give back to the Albanian community, become an Ivanaj Team Volunteer by applying here.

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