Under the challenging circumstances we’re leaving, a lot of families hardly can provide for their living. Following studies is a dream for many children and young adults in the Durrës and Tirana Prefectures. These were the areas that were most affected by the November 2019 earthquake.

In an already poor area, financial difficulties posed have been amplified by the earthquake. Therefore, many children and young adults had to leave their studies or pause them because their families are not able to afford expenses related to their education.

We’ve been working during these months, with this beautiful project to help children and young adults to continue their studies or gain new professional skills.

A total of 10 university students most in need have been granted help by now.

These students have benefited from this project by being covered their university fees.

We’re still working to complete our mission and continue our tireless work to provide professional training course to young people in need of these areas.

Much more is ahead, thus continue to follow us in the development of this project and all our other ones on our website and social media platforms.

This project is supported by the financial contributions raised by Albanian American Women in Washington DC, through the Valbin's Center for International Programs (CIP) and is being implemented by ‘The Ivanaj Foundations of New York and Tirana’.