Quarantine mood

//Quarantine mood

Quarantine mood

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— An article by our volunteer Klaudia Hoxha

So, here is the thing!

We are in a quite difficult situation, fighting with something invisible, a disease namely Covid-19 that has embraced the whole world. Thousands of people are in, or facing a period of quarantine or isolation as a result of corona-virus risk or infection.

In Albania we are for two months now, in lock down! Fortunately, the situation is under control but we haven’t won the war yet. Being in quarantine means a loss of control over normal life routine. When we feel things are beyond our control, our levels of fear increase because of the risk we perceive.  The daily announcements of the widespread numbers infected, can heighten our sense of lack of control.

Besides, our work roles form an important part of our personal and social identity and purpose. Being without work, or at least not having our normal rhythm, can lead to feelings of not being able to accomplish our daily tasks.

At this point is quite pivotal talking about how to discover ourselves in Quarantine Mood.

As it belongs to me, I am keeping myself occupied by practicing my hobbies such as drawing, reading books, watching serials, spending a quality time with family and sometimes cooking by watching new recipes on YouTube. Since I have plenty of time, it doesn’t cost me a thing to try new things at home! Plethora of time, many of us complain that we aren’t able to spend time with our families, so here it is, focus on the pros of this tricky situation.

Furthermore, this quarantine has taught me many lessons and I’m taking heed to all!

First, to take care of our bodies doesn’t cost so much, just a bit of attention. Also, majority of people can work from home perfectly. What actually life is! To be with family, to have food in time, more demand of vegetarian food and be grateful.

On the other hand it is good to have six months of income saved. We never know when we will need some rainy day money. Lastly, the world’s biggest hospital is our Home. None of us can be safe and sound, unless we are making sure that all of us, worldwide, are safe and healthy.

Overall, we are facing kind of a war, my country, your country literally the whole planet and it is up to us to prevent it from spreading beyond. Even though it is pretty challenging, demanding and it requires a lot of mental efforts it is not impossible. We can do it and we will, altogether!

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