Technology, especially programming, is developing with the speed of light these days. One of the first programming languages in history was COBOL, today the trend goes through Python.

As part of our mission in supporting education activities, especially vocational ones, we had the pleasure to host EESTEC LC Tirana, which organized an international workshop about the Python programming language.  This authentic workshop is the first of its kind, because it had in its content not only professional knowledge but also it served to:

  • 10 students from professional high-schools of Vlora, Tirana and Lezha,
  • 10 students from universities in Tirana and
  • 10 foreign students from European countries like Hungary, Italy, Germany, Turkey etc.

The participants after getting trained in 5 days in a raw, in the end they presented their projects and got a certificate of completion. All this workshop had also the support of Skills4Jobs and Epoka University.

The executive director of M&M Ivanaj Foundation Institut, Drita Ivanaj, during her speech, within the framework, said that: “Programming is the end piece to complete a project, after you have done research, after you have figured out what the problems are, that the logic and research is necessary , therefore is only 25% of a project, the rest precede all of that. So, based on all of that, I hope that what you’ve learned was pleasurable and it can be implemented by you in whatever you want to do. It will be useful to you and obviously in whatever you do in the future, enlarge your knowledge in whatever you can and however you can.”