We started last June with few participants and grew into a very large group, fonder with ideas of doing something nice together, for our community and for ourselves.
Friendships and connections are part of the entire frame, and that’s what youth seeks the most, companions are always a good idea.
Trainings and workshops about leadership and team building have been the highlight very month when we tackled and extended these thematic and tried to give every member the opportunity to attend them, without neglecting well known topics that trigger youth in general, such as emotional empowerment and emotional distress.
The mentors of these workshops were volunteers themselves, who offered to share their skills with the group.
For the ones passionate about technology and IT programs, we’ve covered several times specific trainings and events; Python, for example, was one of the most popular one, and it was well received by a vast audience that expressed desire to repeat this type of trainings more often. Foreign and local lectors have made these possible, and for that reason, we’re thankful.
Outdoor activities, such as assisting people in need and children, have offered to all of us an emotional rollercoaster that was a powerful statement for our volunteers, that doing good rewards us in so many ways that the experience becomes priceless.
Our 17 months program, about the 17 Goals established by the United Nations, continues to be developed every month, matching awareness campaigns and small projects while trying to leave none of the goals behind.
When skilled, passionate individuals join forces toward sustainable development goals, everyone wins.
Thanks to the large number of applicants that we have had, we can now finally proceed into a new phase of our program and implement volunteer positions, each one thought according to the skills and the talents we’ve come across. To mention only a few of them there are: Advocacy, Communication, Artistic Work & Crafting Positions, Office positions, Translator, Research positions, Event planning, Docent positions and more to come.
Split by their own roles, each group of volunteers will have a team leader, responsible for its teammates, who will get directions and guidance from our Coordinator for the projects and tasks to undertake.
We will broadcast progress regularly, thus stay tuned since we will also have pertinent materials to share. If you wish to get involved click the link below