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​Following are a few of the comments posted online by some of the participants that benefitted from this program, translated into English:

An impressive experience, we learned a lot of things which we didn’t know. Klevis and the staff are amazing, and we had such a good time. Thank you for the time that you dedicated to us. We will be waiting for another activity just like this one. See you!

Yes, indeed an exemplary welcoming from their part. Thanks to your staff. Respects! You were tireless and very patient with us. You are amazing. We had such an impressive experience. We really thank you!

I was sad that this phase was over. We learned, we get to know new friends and I thank you our boy Klevis and all the volunteers, young boys and girls for their patience for us seniors, but please don’t forget us! Greetings!

An impressive activity with good values.

Violeta K: I feel sad that it’s over, as it was such a good feeling when we had to come there. We always were looking forward to it and the staff was amazing. I wish there are other training sessions like it. Mira M: It was an amazing staff with a tireless leader, like Klevis was. It was a pleasure for being part of the group.

It was a beautiful and perfectly qualitative setup. Everything was well-thought, from the historical values of the city in different periods of its development, up to the typical and most impressive aspects of this city like no other one, like production of amazing masks with such a beauty and technique, not leaving behind the impressive culinary appearance and taste, just so natural and traditional. It’s a merit of the organizers of this event even the perfect management of timing and excellent communication with all the participants. Grateful to the president of the “Ivanaj” foundation, to the clever guy Klevis who successfully finalized this event in such an amazing way. Respects and gratitude for them!

Lindita K: Many thanks from my heart to the Ivanaj Foundation which organized this beautiful and impressive activity, I wish for long life to Mrs. Ivanaj. Thanks to Klevis, the well-educated boy, and all the girls who accompanied us, as well as Adriatik Agency and Mario, we thank you from the depths of our hearts! Flora A: It was an astonishing excursion. Live long and glory to the Ivanaj Foundation and the acts of the two intellectual and patriotic Ivanaj brothers.

Thanks... Ahmet O: I thank you for the work on the organizing of this program with us seniors and the intertwining with the new technologies and youth. It was a special activity full of values, and the organizing was unimaginable good.

Even though there were rainy days, everybody came Klevis, because we are happy to come so us seniors are not left behind on the new innovations that surround us. And how can we not come in such a beautiful, clean and warm facility as yours and an amazing teacher who is never tired of us?! I thank all the young volunteers who stayed close to us and to the Ivanaj Foundations, Mrs. Drita. But I would ask you for this not to end, and for there to be more activities for us.