Title: Mindspace University - Balkan Ties

Duration: 3 months (October – December 2021)

Language: English


O1. Introduce students to an entrepreneurial mindset, make them more familiar with terms and methodologies of entrepreneurial programs.

O2. Enable participants to create their business model and build a prototype or produce a pitch video.


“Mindspace University - Balkan Ties” program has two parts: The Educational and The Entrepreneurial Part.

The Educational Part is a 4-week online program where challenges and business opportunities in Transport and Logistics sector will be explained, with a special focus on Maritime, Road Freight, Mobility, and E-Commerce. Participants will have the opportunity to take part in interactive workshops, virtual classrooms, and webinars, delivered by entrepreneurs and employees from big companies and startups. This part also includes peer-to-peer networking events with youth from 6 Balkan countries.

The best 10 teams selected during the Educational Part will make it to the Entrepreneurial Part. Participants will receive personalized mentoring sessions, training, and presentation skills workshops. They will have the chance to collaborate with entrepreneurs and mentors, improve their idea, experiment on entrepreneurial tools, and prepare for the Final Pitching Event.

The best Teams can win a Trip to the US, 10.000 Euros, or the possibility to enter onsite incubation and acceleration programs in Greece, Albania, Croatia, or Montenegro.