Mirash Ivanaj – An Accomplished Albanian FigureAs announced in the press in September 2004, this publication became available to the public in Albania and Montenegro, with only a few copies available in the United States.

Written by the well-known known author and historian, prof. Iljaz Gogaj, the book is a well-researched account of this important Albanian historical figure.  The book, consisting of 240 pages, is written entirely in Albanian.

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This book by author and historian Iljaz Gogaj entered the publishing circuit at the end of summer of 2004.  It is the eight historical book about Albanian educational and pedagogical opinions, which came into being and was published after a study of many years of the lustrous figure of Mirash Ivanaj.

The book consists of 10 chapters. It starts with some historical and geographical data about the place of origin of the Ivanaj family, and continues by covering the young years of the two brothers, Martin and Mirash Ivanaj, and their studies all the way to the University of Rome. The publication of their prose, poetry, and drama, cited by the author in the book, pertains to the period of their earlier schooling.

The author dedicates one chapter to M. Ivanaj’s activity in the newspaper “The Republic”, as director and writer of many articles with republican tendency. Greater space in the book is devoted by the author to M. Ivanaj’s life in Shkodra and Tirana, first as a lawyer and teacher, and later as a Director of the State Gymnasium.

In subsequent chapters, the author recounts important events in the life of M. Ivanaj when, while being a political adversary, he accepted King Zog’s offer that elevated him to Minister of Education. The Educational Reform of the Ivanaj and the discussions in the Albanian parliament for the approval of new constructive modifications to the educational system in Albania are well documented in this book. Later on the Minister gives a dignified resignation and rises to the higher post of Head of the Council of State.

Following chronologically are the events of April 7th, 1939, the demand for weapons to fight the fascists, the going away into exile, a troublesome life in Turkey and the death of his brother.  Also addressed are the offer of Enver Hoxha to return to Albania, his arrest, the fearless defense in court, the prison term, and his tragic end. Interesting to read are the dialogues of M. Ivanaj with King Zog and Enver Hoxha.

The book also acknowledges the distinguished personalities in the national education of the time, such as Hile Mosi, Mati Logoreci, Aleksander Xhuvani, Ahmet Gashi, Mitrush Kuteli, Fan Noli, Gjergj Fishta, Skender Luarasi, Gjergj Kokoshi, etc.

Toward the end of the book the author describes the physical type and moral character of M. Ivanaj that merge together into the great emotion surrounding the admired personality. To achieve this conclusion he utilized a rich archival documentation, the  diary of an ex student of M. Ivanaj, oral conversations in Tuz (Montenegro) with close relatives of the family, annotations of Skender Luarasi, photographs of the family, correspondence with brother Martin, Safet Butka, Demir Vila, etc. , also prison files, and endless publications that came about after 1990.
This book provides a great historical and pedagogical tribute, therefore is valuable when found on the table that can be used by a teacher or a student, by a politician or a sociologist, by a reporter or a poet, by a director or a manager, by a linguist or an historian, by a jurist or a statesman, and for every Albanian that loves Albania.

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