This book brings the work of two poets from the Albanian highlands, the Ivanaj brothers, Martin and Mirash. Both brothers, of Albanian origin, born in Triesh, continued their studies in Podgorica and afterward in the Serbian cities of Pozharevac and Belgrade. At that time, the Albanian language was taught neither in their birthplace, Triesh of Malësia nor in Podgorica. So, during their studies in Serbia, they started publishing their first poems in journals and magazines in Belgrade, in the Serbian language. The original poems included in this book were written and published in 1908, except where indicated otherwise.

The poetic vocation of the Ivanaj Brothers is extremely sentimental, and, in many cases, it is also perplexing. Their youthful love was full of tragic diversity. In reality, there were many painful occurrences in their intimate life that are known only to us, their relatives, and that is the reason they are reflected in their literary works. However, in contrast to the unlucky sentimentalism and eroticism, we also find feelings of optimism in many of the Ivanaj brother’s poetry.

This publication brings some of the Ivanaj brothers’ poems translated in Albanian, with a few of them also translated in English.