Program objective:

Provide young adults with an entrepreneurial spirit all necessary knowledge and skills for creating business ideas and putting them into practice.

Duration: November 2020 – April 2021


“Think outside the box” is a training course under the “Ivanaj Foundations’ Business Training Program. The course is organized in 6 distinct sessions covering different topics through which participants will learn what makes a business work and some of the pitfalls a new business should avoid. Specifically, this training curriculum will include topics such as: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Competitors and Other Barriers, Business Plan Creation, Money Management, etc.

This course is dedicated to young people with a business idea, Startup representatives, and business-oriented individuals that want to contribute to Albanian communities. At the end of the training, the participants will be able to understand what is needed to be a successful entrepreneur, the importance of working as part of the value chain of a service/product, to assess new methods for the marketplace, find ways to compete in the chosen business space, as well as become aware of how to plan for the money, what is needed, how to spend it, what are the risk factors, and how to get someone to fund their idea.

This course’s trainer, Dr. Nora Hughes is an executive with a worldwide clientele.  She is an accomplished manager, author, speaker, and consultant. She is sought after as a group facilitator by organizations worldwide. Her bio is available here.