The original idea of this documentary by Keti started over two years ago, but became an authentic film that, sponsored by Amnesty International Italia, was presented to the public on September 9, 2021, during the 78th International Film Festival that just ended in Venice, Italy, this past weekend.

We, at the Ivanaj Foundation, are thrilled of the achieved realization by Keti, whom we congratulate, and are proud to have been part of financially supporting her during the early stages of this project.

“Sons of Cain” is set in a small remote village in northern Albania. where lifetime seems suspended, and the severe rules of an old code (Kanun) still dictate the life and death of its inhabitants. This project wanted to incentivize and support young children still trapped in their blood-feud system.

The intention was to give a voice to this institutionally unresolved reality and above all, the urgency to talk about and to children, to encourage them to look for a dream-space, a place of freedom, inside their daily nightmare. The objectives were reached when children living under the Kanun code and trapped in the blood feuds dynamics were identified, and some of them were given a voice by gently enabling a space for creativity by them.

As it often happens, when the state does not offer any kind of wardship, it is up to non-governmental organizations to take care of the safety and well-being of these vulnerable people.

The Ivanaj Foundation Institut of Tirana concurs with the statement by Mr. Riccardo Noury, spokesperson for Amnesty International Italia, about the above and in being honored and delighted to have financed, supported, and contributed to such an important project and the admirable work done by a sensitive and human rights-conscious director as Ms. Keti Stamo.

To her we wish long life success and best wishes in her future endeavors!

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