As we indicated earlier this month fall activities are increasing in number and picking up speed!

As soon as we make an entry into our calendar (that appears on our website and other social media for the benefit of local attendees), some activity organized by other groups or organization looms on our horizon. This is due to the enlargement of our network and because our environment has become known for its modern and comfortable setting in the center of the city, coupled by the friendly, helpful, and welcoming atmosphere provided by our staff.

Our STC program is continuing on a weekly basis to the delight of a couple dozen Senior attendees, interacting with some of our young volunteers, and  during this past week “World Values Day” was also celebrated in our premises with an event by the ALVA organization, for which our Institute received a Certificate of Appreciation.

Dealing with all sorts of activities and events that we have accommodated in our premises during the past 2 years, we have enriched our knowledge with all sorts of experiences that relate to the kind of disordered way of planning that is part of the Albanian mode of working. On another hand, we are overwhelmed by requests to share our knowhow that we happy to do, not only through organized trainings, but also on an individual basis throughout our dealings of daily business.  We feel proud of being a steadfast force that can provide necessary organizational support when sought, thanks to the expertise we have gained after decades of American way of life and education.

We take this opportunity to express again our gratitude to the personal and acquired friends of our Foundation in New York, who have supported us morally and financially throughout the years, even before modern technology allowed contributions online.

Here and now we wish to confirm that we do receive the donations that are processed automatically via Network for Good, PayPal, Amazon Smile, etc. when these alternatives, offered by the ‘Donate’ page of our website, are used by our donors. Although direct confirmation is immediately issued to them by these processes, we want to renew here our thanks to our contributors for their thoughtfulness and generosity, which reinforce our resolve to continue working toward the set goals to fulfill the Ivanaj Foundations’ mission.