Program objectives:

An array of presentations/talks/discussions to enhance young people’s knowledge and skills on a variety of different subjects of interest.

Duration: ongoing


This particular program is devoted to the Ivanaj Foundation Volunteer Hub members, living in and outside Albania.

Throughout this program’s sessions, which usually occur on a monthly basis, Albanian experts from the diaspora and within the country, as well as foreign experts address various topics of general interest to the young group (affectionately called VOLIF) that is now an  integral  part of the Ivanaj Foundations big family.

The experts bring into focus new perspectives, and examples of life experiences, such as leadership, adjustment of life in the internet era, global economy and finance, knowledge and learning as a lifelong process, volunteering and giving back to the community, writing state-of-the-art CVs and letters of interest, and much more.

The R.I.N.I. series is an additional benefit provided to our VOLIF members, who also enjoy having their own private online facilities on Instagram and Facebook where they are kept posted of all sorts of opportunities and events offered by other sources.  

Link for VOLIF: