It was a great pleasure yesterday to receive from Mrs. Laura Siliqi Konda the donation of the book Drago Siliqi “Një jetë në fluturim” (A life in flight) that she just published in memory of her father, renowned Albanian poet, and critic, who lost his life at a young age.

Mrs. Konda visited our offices in Tirana to personally hand us a copy of this book, which we shall lovingly cherish in our large ‘Ivanaj Foundation Library’ collections. We are also grateful and share with her the sentiment she expressed in her dedication: “To Drita Ivanaj and the Ivanaj Foundation - With great respect for their work to help Albania progress, as our distinguished, patriotic forefathers dreamed. May 2021. Laura Siliqi Konda”.

The Ivanaj Foundation will continue, as per its mission and plans, its work of which “Cultural Preservation” plays a very significant part. Stay tuned to our news spread on social media, or by simply subscribing to our website.