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Project objective:

Provide help to a number of children and young adults affected by the earthquake to continue their studies or gain new professional skills.

Duration: 12 months (2020-21)


The aim of this project is to benefit a predetermined number children and young adults from families mostly affected by the earthquake. They have either been affected by losing their house, a family member, or the job of a key family member.

The project is foreseen to be implemented in three phases. During the first phase, these children/ young adults will be identified, and their needs will be assessed. During the second phase, the selection of interested candidates will take place. In the final phase, 10 university students will be awarded financial help to pursue their studies, and 7 young people will be supported financially to fulfill vocational training courses that will provide them with valuable professional skills.

This project is supported by the financial contributions raised by Albanian American Women in Washington DC, through the Valbin's Center for International Programs (CIP), and it is implemented by ‘The Ivanaj Foundations of New York and Tirana’.